Family is everything

With every breath making possible

To the eyes and ears of heart

That plays the key.

But not like that always

The same family keep us in trouble

For not obeying their commanding jokes

For not living the foolish way

Effort for proper care may not at all be fruitful

Effectiveness and efficiency are critical to every task in achievement. The success or failure of every activity is determined by assessing the results obtained. The valuation of products from agriculture is very crucial in this respect. The proper care of emerging resources as well as its conservation is very important in case of food products. It have to face different obstacles in its path. The role of birds and animals especially that of rodents are notable. Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6 Photo7 Photo8 Photo9 Photo10 Photo11 Photo12 Photo13 Photo14Birds of groups in large numbers sometimes finishes hundreds of fruits within seconds. The tight security measures before them will be worthless before their group effort. A few can be caught up due to their skills in escaping. Some kinds of fruits are useless if they fell down or when they touches the ground. Some goes rotten faster by passing the procedures for preservation. Adverse climatic conditions also affects badly for some varieties. The following shows such a fruit that needs maximum protection.

Cool curtains; fix it ignore forever

Cool curtains; fix it ignore forever

A blank paper is very objective. The purpose of which is not predetermined as it is not possible. It can be made usable according to needs. A piece of paper can act as the most solid and powerful medium to record anything and the same can be used to destroy everything. It combines good with colored materials. It is a strong agent to act as a resistant against opposite forces. Art is a part of life and life is a part of astonishing art, of nature, of God. A paper is the thing that produce great wonders of art.

Business of Interference

To live a day without interfere into the life of another, may be of the same nature of species or not, is impossible for every living being. The purpose will be by its basic nature survival itself and only in some cases for domination or for showing superiority. Whatever the reason be, it results in disturbance. Even though the very nature of human life is entertainment of whatever he can see, he only react to some interferences merely by sight even though totally disturbing. In most times, the presence of such memories of disturbances increases anxiety in times of overcoming negative mindset. Since elimination of knowledge is not possible for a human brain what one could do is to collect the most relevant and the core of information that will in no way can harm his memory for ‘the sweet memories’.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

A closed territory

I don’t know how
Still I go I go ago!
It happens why, for what & how
But one thing I know!
That it’s not fictional,
As it is functional.

Falls to the risen bed
Sweats before the tea
Blinks before the beer
Stuck before the apps
It doesn’t matter how
But still I go I go ago.

A tear on the candle light
In a dark night
From some frightened eyes
Enriched curiosity all that have
With lost light in the hand
Still I go I go ago.